Enes Kanter Freedom: “Whenever I talk about it was never about Black or white athletes, or red or purple athletes. It was never about a color. I even had a conversation with many of my teammates, and a thing people don’t understand is that many of the Black athletes in the league are telling me to call out these people and [those] people. Not many people know that. They are the ones telling me to call out the hypocrisies of LeBron James, the hypocrisies of Michael Jordan, but they are the ones actually sending me talking points about you can’t say this, you can’t say that. I remember having one conversation with one of them, and he’s like, ‘Listen, these teams got us. We cannot talk, but you’re talking and you’re already out there, so you might as well just say this and say that.’ I don’t follow them blindly. I actually do research and if I believe it, I’ll go out there and say it. So, not many people know about it, but many Black athletes in the league are the ones reaching out to me saying you should talk about this and that.”
Source: Etan Thomas @ basketballnews.com

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Salman Ali @SalmanAliNBA
Two things I’ll go my grave never understanding:
1. The Thunder trading Alperen Sengun
2. People comparing Sengun to Enes Kanter simply because they’re both Turkish big men – 10:03 PM

Enes Kanter @EnesFreedom
The explanation y’all been waiting for!
Things can be taken out of context so
I wanted to make this very clear for everyone!
It is our duty as U.S. citizens to criticize our government and hold them accountable to make this country a better place.
@CNN & @wolfblitzer pic.twitter.com/tfVlcc9pei11:16 AM

Enes Kanter @EnesFreedom
Best way to celebrate becoming an American is giving back to the community! 🇺🇸
1,000 meals (all VEGAN)
to the homeless in Los Angeles.
Huge thanks to @TheLAMission
The “Enes Kanter Freedom truffle pasta” was a hit! pic.twitter.com/GSw3XWgetr8:30 PM

Abby Chin @tvabby
Rookie Brandon Boston t-ed up for jawing at Marcus Smart. Not something I would do.
That was just moments after Eric Bledsoe walked by Enes Freedom and slapped at the ball in his hands. Freedom stared him down afterwards.
#chippy11:17 PM

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