NBA Finals Game 3 Reaction | No Cap Room

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Jake and Dan are suited up for game 3 of the NBA Finals. After the Denver Nuggets ran away with the victory, stealing back home-court advantage, the guys talked about the historic pairing of Jokic-Murray and what Miami needs to do to make the series even.

On a brand new episode of No Cap Room, Dan calls in from the arena floor after watching the Denver Nuggets stomp the Miami Heat in game 3 of the NBA Finals.

The guys talk about the Nuggets winning, and taking back home court advantage, from all possible angles. Jokic and Murray have definitely been the best duo in the playoffs this year and that was the main reason for Denver’s win on Wednesday night.

Christian Braun, the rookie who comes off the bench for the Nuggets, was shouted out by Jokic after the game as the reason for Denver’s win. His energy has made him a great option for Michael Malone, who is starting to trust Braun more than Michael Porter Jr.

It’s clear now that Miami has one path to beating the Nuggets, which is to knock down three-point shots at a high rate. They did it in game 2, but struggled with it in games 1 and 3. Can they get it back for game 4?

Finally, Jake and Dan talk about the news of the day. Mainly, the changing situation with Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns, which might tie into Kyrie Irving’s free agency and desire to get to the Los Angeles Lakers to play with LeBron James again.

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