Matt Ryan wisely has no plans to retire

It’s entirely possible that Colts quarterback Matt Ryan will never play again in the NFL. But he’s not retiring.


Via Zak Keefer of, Ryan told reporters on Monday that he has no immediate plans to call it a career.

“Listen, I’m under contract, and until that changes, you kind of go to work,” Ryan said.

Ryan has $12 million in fully-guaranteed salary for 2023. If he retires, he doesn’t get it. If he’s cut, he does.

And he’ll be cut. Before March 17, well before there’s any work to go to. That day, another $17.2 million in full guarantees vest.

So Ryan will do nothing. He’ll wait to be released. And then he’ll decide what to do next. Including making $12 million in 2023 to not play.

Matt Ryan wisely has no plans to retire originally appeared on Pro Football Talk