Deadly Blizzard Brings Whiteout Conditions to New York State

A man in Buffalo, New York, documented a “terrifying” ride through the start of a deadly blizzard on Friday, December 23, which the state’s governor confirmed on December 26 had so far killed 17 people.

Footage recorded by Steven Madsen shows near-whiteout conditions across southern Buffalo on Friday.

Madsen said he had documented “a terrifying ride home” from Cheektowaga, New York, driving south through West Seneca to the Abbot McKinley neighborhood.

Along with blowing snow and poor visibility, Madsen told Storyful that he “had to continually stop and get out to clear the ice of my wipers with my fingernails.”

Local media reported 17 blizzard-related deaths in Erie County on Sunday, citing a local authorities. Credit: Steven Madsen via Storyful

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