Lions’ stunning gaffe leads to 0-10-1 record

The Detroit Lions’ ineptitude was on full display on Thanksgiving. National TV, no less.

It came to an absolute nadir — if that is possible in an 0-10-1 season — in the final minutes of the loss to the Chicago Bears.

Detroit had a 14-13 lead but the Bears were driving. The Lions had called a timeout as time was evaporating in the fourth quarter.

And then, disaster. There is no other way to describe it.

The Lions’ defensive unit started to panic, jumping up and down as multiple linebackers and DBs started tapping their helmets furiously.

Eventually, assistant coach Aaron Glenn called timeout on the sideline.

Only one big problem: you can’t call back-to-back timeouts in the NFL.

So, the five-yard penalty turned third-and-9 into third-and-4, which the Bears converted.

The drive culminated in a 28-yard field goal by Cairo Santos for Chicago’s 16-14 victory as time expired.

Joe Buck on the snappy call.

The drive was the longest by plays — 18 — for Chicago in eight years.

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