Bruce Arians blames strip-sack on Tom Brady

It took a while, but Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians is once again calling out quarterback Tom Brady.

Via, Arians blamed a strip-sack on Brady holding the football for too long during an appearance on WDAE radio.

“You know, the sack-fumble, he just should have got that ball out of his hands,” Arians said, via “He was getting a little greedy and should have got the ball out of his hand and we got a field goal. And of all the drives in the game, that was the one I was most disappointed [in] him. Because that was when we got the penalty, we were going in to score and we get the penalty for roughing and then we get the sack-fumble. It should have been 14-nothing. That put me in a bad mood for the rest of the game.”

Arians should be in a good mood. His team is 2-0. However, a couple of tough road tests are coming, with a trip to L.A. followed by Brady’s return to New England. That 2-0 could easily become 2-2.

Last year, Arians had no qualms about criticizing Brady, and Brady seemed to have no problem with it. Ultimately, it worked; they won the Super Bowl. So maybe Arians should be calling Brady out even more.

Bruce Arians blames strip-sack on Tom Brady originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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