James Harden willing to sacrifice to fit in with Nets: ‘It doesn’t matter about the points’

James Harden during into zoom with Nets
James Harden during into zoom with Nets

James Harden had his introductory news conference as a Net on Friday, speaking to reporters via Zoom during a relatively brief session that lasted just over 15 minutes.

Harden, who said he disagreed with the notion that he disrespected the Houston Rockets on the way out the door, lauded his former organization for the classy way they handled his trade request.

Asked about the other teams that were on Harden’s list of trade destinations, he wouldn’t elaborate, instead wanting to focus on his future with the Nets.

The most interesting part of that future will be how Harden fits in with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, two other superstars who are used to having the ball in their hands and taking the biggest shots.

Harden, who is one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history, said he’s willing to change his game to fit in.

«We have two elite scorers that the world knows already,» Harden said. «My job is to come out here and obviously score the basketball when needed, but my play making ability — getting our shooters shots, getting our bigs finishes around the rim, and making the entire team better. I think that’s one aspect of my game that will excel in this offense.

«As long as I’m making my teammates better, it doesn’t matter about the points. I think everybody knows that I can score the ball at a high clip. That’s just where the sacrifice comes in at.»

Talking about his relationship with Durant and Irving and how that will translate on the court, Harden said the three of them should mesh well.

«It’s all a flow. I can’t predict how it’s gonna go,» he said. «Kyrie might score 10 possessions in a row. KD might score 10 possessions in a row. They’re more than capable of that, and I’m fine with that, because we’re gonna be winning and it’s gonna be good. Tomorrow we’ll see, and it’s gonna be fun and I’m excited about it.»

Speaking before Harden, head coach Steve Nash said it’s a clean slate for Harden in Brooklyn.

“I think James carried that team for many years and gave them everything he had. Since he asked for a trade, I think that’s a sample size that is fairly irrelevant as far as judging him.”